• “Over the past four years I have personally supervised over 250 Bodymaker Programs and have done two, myself. I have found the methodology and result to be excellent. My patients consistently lose weight, look and feel better.” Dr R G, Bradenton, Florida
    “When I first learned about Dr Betsy’s Bodymaker Program, I could see she was on the right path. I was familiar with natural health, cleanses and fasts which I started doing in my early 20’s. I was advised by this very wise and healthy 85 year old woman who said that if I kept my colon clear, I would have a healthy life. I very much took this as truth. 35 years later I have continued this belief.
    For 9 years I have used the Bodymaker Program from the beginning level to the advanced. The first time I did the Bodymaker Program I set out to do a 30 day cleanse. I felt so good and was getting such great results that I stayed on it for another 10 days.
    The Bodymaker Program is a complete program and I have found produces the best results of any cleansing and nutrition program I have been involved with. I believe in it and the work that Dr Betsy is doing. Be Well and Clear,”   SCW, Big Sur, California
    “I have been involved in nutrition for health for quite some time. I have been exposed to many diets and methods to maintain or obtain radiant health. The Bodymaker is the most thorough program I have come across. It handles the entire body, not just areas and parts. And I love the way it is focusing on rebuilding and making the body stronger. And remarkably I was able to see very clearly. Normally, I have weak vision, being near sighted. But I could see like 20/20! I woke up and could see over to our neighbor’s house! Normally I can’t see past my window! That blew me away! And a lovely side effect of doing this program is that my hair is growing quickly and is looking shiny, strong and healthy.”   C S S, Clearwater, Florida

“Thank you for introducing me to The Bodymaker Program. Today, I’m twelve days into it and feeling great. The reason I’m writing is to share what happened in my first week.
For the first two days I was off to a difficult start. I felt very fatigued and had a full time headache. I soon realized that I was in the grips of caffeine and sugar withdrawal. However, I knew it would pass and that I was getting that junk out of my body. So I hung in there.
By the third day, my energy levels were coming up and the headache was gone. Since then, I’ve felt just a bit better and a whole lot brighter each day. On my seventh day I was scheduled to run a 5K race in Davis — the Davis Stampede. I’ve been running since last August and was wondering if my energy levels would be okay while I was cleansing.
I made sure I got up early and got my Cleanse Solution and water down so that I would have plenty of time to eat my supplements a half hour before the race. I’m tickled to tell you that the Stampede was my best run ever! Everything was working great – – my energy, my breathing and my muscles were all just humming along like they should. This was the first time I’ve run when something didn’t ache or hurt or my breathing rhythm wasn’t off. I ran on auto-pilot. It was wonderful.
Afterwards, I hit the free spring water, ignoring the junk food around me, and collected my t-shirt. And hunger wasn’t a problem either. I stayed on my regular schedule for the next cleanse and supplements meal.
This is my third Bodymaker cleanse. I do it once a year around this time. I would recommend it to anyone. The first two years I used it to help me lose weight and lower my body fat – – which was successful. This year, at 112 pounds, I didn’t want to lose any weight and this has been no problem. I just make sure that I stay very hydrated and chew more at the cleanse meals. I’m working, lifting weights, running, playing and doing all the things I want to do while treating my body to the rest and nourishment it so richly deserves. Other benefits include: sinuses have cleared up, skin and hair look healthier, waking up more rested after a night’s sleep, and, overall, I just feel wonderful.
Once again, thank you Dr Betsy for offering The Bodymaker as a wonderful addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”
S K W, Body Sculptor, Marathon Athlete, Sacramento, California

“The Bodymaker allowed me to lose 32 pounds in a little over one month. Now I am not tired during the day and my energy level is incredible. Thank you, Dr. Betsy, for countless hours of research and products to ensure a wonderful result. I would recommend this to anyone especially if they are serious about getting healthy. It adds years to your life and life to your years.” Dr R M, Wauwautosa, Wisconsin
“I am in awe of the Bodymaker regimen. In just thirty days I have given myself a huge boost in general health. I found myself with renewed energy and drive to accomplish objectives. I encourage those that feel the Bodymaker might be for them, do it! It puts you back in control of your body!” –  M R C , Sacramento, California

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